Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sunflower CD Craft for a Kindergarten Class at School

 I used my watercolour paints to paint a colourful background . On some light orange paper, I placed the CD. Using a pencil, I drew petals all around, trying to keep them evenly spaced. Once I outlined the petals with an orange texta, I then cut out the flower shape. Don't forget to decorate the centre of the flower.....

Using green paper, I cut out a stem and leaves and glued them on to my background...using a gluestick. Then I glued my CD onto my orange flower shape....for this I used PVA glue as the CD has a bit of weight. Only put the glue to the edge of the CD so the petals aren't stuck down, so there is some movement to them.

Finally, I glued the CD flower to the background. I tried using Sharpies (permanent markers) to decorate the CD and it turned out ok, however, this is for a Kindergarten class so I don't think the markers are suitable. Of course, if you are doing this with an older class, using permanent markers will be fun!!

Time for a plan B.

I used the same CD, but with a little help from some nail polish remover, I erased all the permanent marker design. I used squares of patterned paper and glued them on....again using PVA glue so they would adhere to the CD.  My squares were made by using a punch so they are all even, however, the children could easily just rip up small pieces of paper for their own decorations. Finally, perhaps they would like to add some dragonflies.....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finding Treasures While Out Op Shopping

While out op shopping with my friend on Saturday, I came across this sweet little teacup and saucer. I knew it would be just perfect on my table that I had decoupaged with pictures from the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.