Saturday, March 29, 2014

Paper Patchwork....Little Book for Sewing Needles

I made a paper patchwork quilt for my dolly in her matchbox (see previous post) and then when I went to make her bed, realised it was just a fraction too wide. It really needs to be exact otherwise her little bed doesn't slide in and out of the matchbox with ease.

What to do.....
I had also been making some cute stickers and was wanting to use them, plus I have heaps of a lightweight foam. Inspiration hit.... how about a little book for sewing needles? It was worth a try and this is my first attempt.


  1. Another clever idea, so cute and a lovely little gift idea

  2. Thank you so much! I'm not sure whether to stick with the foam or maybe some felt....will try both :)

  3. Hi Linda! What a lovely blog you have here, filled with all sorts of wonderful things! This little needlebook is just adorable...and so is the matchbox dolly in your previous post...I see you're from beautiful Australia. One of my most precious bloggy friends is also from Australia. Here's a link to her blog if you'd like to pop over. So nice to meet you! :) Paulette

  4. Thanks, Paulette, for your sweet words and I will definitely have a look at your friend's blog.... thanks for the link.

  5. Lovely little needle book :-)

  6. I think its perfect and very useful too.
    You best get busy on that sweet little quilt though you wouldn't want the wee miss to catch cold.
    Enjoy your day...
    Susan x


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