Saturday, November 1, 2014

Paper Patchwork Card

I did a soft blue colour wash background for this card. Then I punched out 12 paper serviette squares to form my patchwork design. The finishing touches were some glitter glue around the edge and a stencilled Happy Birthday.


  1. Hi Linda, love your cards as usual! I finally got around to using napkins to decorate glass for tea lights. I had a little plain glass vase that I'd found at the opshop years ago but never did anything with it, so I was so pleased when I found it again today, having decided to make the tealight project. You can see it on my blog here along with some other things I did today. Cold wet and windy down here - good day to spend indoors messing about with crafts!

  2. Thanks, Gina! I have just popped over to your what you have been creating!

  3. Good morning, Lin.
    This is lovely! And what a sweet gift for someone to receive one of your cards.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Hello Lin loves paper, I like your blog very much. But I would like to know where you get your paper serviettes from, and what glue do you use?

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi, thanks for your sweet comment! I buy my paper serviettes from homeware shops and I like to use the 3ply ones. The glue is Mod Podge.

    2. Thank you thank you so very much Lin loves paper I will look at my homeware store. I will come again and lookat what you are doing :)

      Thank you

  5. This card would definitely brighten up my day - so sweet!


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