Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Covered Tea Light Candle Holder

 This time I tried covering the glass with a pretty floral serviette and it looks really lovely with the candlelight shining through. I used Mod Podge to affix the serviette to the glass.

I didn't Mod Podge the outside as I like the texture of the serviette....a bit like linen. Just be careful with your join as that will show through once you light your candle. 


  1. Thanks Paulette! So much fun to make and super-easy too.

  2. You really do come up with some super ideas! I've got so many paper napkins in a box to use for future craft projects when I get some time...I'm visiting our opshop this Friday, and they always have shelves full of glasses for 50c, so I'll make a note to remind myself to buy a dozen and play around with the napkins and Modge Podge :-) Luckily I've got heaps of tealight candles...they turn up at the opshop too!

  3. Yes, yes, Gina, op shops are the way to go to buy the glasses. Let me know when you make some and tell me where I can look at the pics. It is lots of fun!

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