Sunday, September 14, 2014

Matchbox Art....Dolly in the Bed

I had a lot of fun covering another empty matchbox. I used a page from an old children's book. For the pillow, sheets and bedcover, I used a pretty paper serviette, glued on to some light foam to give it a bit of strength and shape. I couldn't resist putting the dolly on a matchstick!!


  1. That is cute too.. I have just been looking at your side bar, and found the Modge Podge Rocks blog. While I was in there looking around, I discovered a site that sells Art Posters - lots of chook ones!! I think I'm going shopping - byeee!!

  2. Thanks, Gina, I love using old matchboxes for craft. Yes, Mod Podge Rocks is a fabulous site with lots of great info.


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