Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quiet Critters on a Sunday Afternoon....

 When there was a break in the rain, Lin and Deb sat out on the front porch and looked at the garden. Deb still can't believe that there really is a rose hidden amongst the climbing thunbergia...

Oh my goodness, Craig came out to check on the children.... can you kids please stop climbing on the roof!!

Sunday lunch is always a civilised affair.... and being serenaded on the piano was such a treat...


  1. Busy day at the critters house ♥ very cute ♥ Deb

  2. Thanks Deb, I just couldn't resist having us sit on the front verandah :)

  3. Linda!!! Fancy finding you here...or should I say, fancy you finding me on the opshop blog! I'm so glad you did because I didn't know you had this gorgeous blog - I've been missing out on it for the past two years! Guess I'll be spending an hour or so scrolling back here one day - you've got so many fabulous ideas, and I agree with you about that stencil book I found. I am looking forward to having some fun with that, and will be checking your blog for ideas! Like the cute dragon card -love it!

  4. Hi Gina, I have had my blog for a while but this year I have decided to throw myself into blogland and blog properly.... actually making comments and connecting with other people. I knew you were on the op shop blog, that's why I was following it. You know I am an op shopper tragic!!!!

    1. LOL - aren't opshops the best places to find interesting stuff for recycling quirks?! Have you visited my blogs at all? One of them is for my art and craft stuff - not everything I make gets onto the blog, but I try to post as much as I can remember to, as it is a good way of keeping a record of what I've done, especially when it's been given away!
      It is here:

  5. Hi Gina, I just had a look.... fantastic!! Where is the button on your page for me to click so I can follow you? I can see my name on your blog list but I would love it if you clicked the followers button on my page...that would boost my followers from 9 to 10!!! Thanks!


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