Monday, February 17, 2014

Well, I never.... quiet critters on a Monday....

 Today started out like my usual Monday.... everyone getting ready and leaving for work. Just as I was about to head out the door, I received a desperate call from my daughter who was on the bus on her way into the city for her first day at The Hotel School. "Mum, I have just thrown up all over myself... can you come and get me pleeeeeeeese???" So..... my day has changed and I am at home. When I returned from picking up my daughter I noticed that my critters weren't in my craft room.
They had made themselves at home in my dollhouse! They were in the loungeroom....


 And in the bathroom, I hope they didn't overflow the bath.

They were in the bedroom... oh, that could have been awkward for me.....

In the kitchen, but who is supervising the toddler in the highchair??

See for yourself....they were everywhere! I don't know how I am going to get them to go to school to help the children....sigh.....


  1. Monday madness...the critters have taken over...sorry to read about your daughter, I hope she is feeling better now ♥ Deb

  2. Thanks, Deb, she is much better. Time for those naughty critters to be packed away for school.

  3. Oh, how awful for your daughter. I don't think there is anything more embarrassing than throwing up in public...
    Your critters are so cute, making themselves at home in the dolls house!

  4. Thanks, Gina. A kind man gave her his hanky but she said that everyone was looking at her and she was mortified! She now has a special little sick bag to carry in her handbag in case it ever happens again... hopefully not!!

  5. Hi Linda, my mom used to collect miniatures! She transferred to our Father's home last Feb 15, so this visit to your blog is poignant for me. She had dollhouses everywhere and we used to have an easy time choosing gifts for her because we would just buy her miniatures. She has the same bathtub set as you have! We had a great time putting some of the kits together :^) Blessings! patsy

    1. Hi Patsy, thanks so much for popping in!! You mum sounds like she was a lovely woman and I bet she had so much fun with her dollhouses and she would have been thrilled receiving miniatures.

  6. Oh, those sneaky little quiet critters!! This post made me smile! My daughter and I joke about her stuffed animals being real and having fun in her room when no one is looking!( Like the dolls in the Raggedy Ann Stories). Hope your daughter is better, poor thing! xo Jina


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