Saturday, January 10, 2015

Op Shop Glass Bowl, Fabric Scrap and Mod Podge......let's create!!

 I started with a clear, glass bowl from an op shop. The best place to buy things!
 I had this gorgeous scrap of material that was just waiting for a project....
 I Mod Podged the bowl and then laid the material, design side down, over the bowl and pressed it out with my fingers to make it smooth. It is worth spending a bit of time on this to make sure you get out any bubbles or air pockets.
 Toffee thought the drying time was too long, but it was only over an hour. Keep in mind that it was a warm day so allow more time if the weather is cooler. Once dried, I used sharp scissors to trim the edges.
The final step is to Mod Podge the back to make it durable. You can put anything you like in the bowl, and just give it a wipe out with a wet cloth. Easy craft and great for gifts!!

With some leftover scraps from the bowl, I covered a glass candle holder and added some pink lace and a button. I have just lit the tea light inside and it looks really lovely glowing through the floral fabric.


  1. Linda, you are so creative, this is gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanks so much, Linda! It was so super-easy to do and these bowls will make great gifts :)

  3. It feels like forever that I last visited your blog - you've always accomplished so many gorgeous projects :-)
    Another great idea for plain glass objects that are found by the hundreds at opshops - our local oppy always has heaps of glass dishes and stuff. Sometimes we put a box of it out the front with a sign "FREE" and it goes within an hour. Funny how the same people won't pay 50 cents for the same item...

  4. Thanks, Gina, for your lovely comments. My local Vinnies closed on Friday and it was such a sad day! I have been going there for about 15 years and many a fabulous bargain was to be had.


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